last updated at 2004-05-21 21:11 UTC.

bugs for greg to fix :)

libby: no foaf:thumbnails for images
libby: person information often missing from the regions depiction data (no uri, or even a foaf:name)
libby: not really a bug but it would really help me if foaf:depicts for the whole image were also included where there's a foaf:depicts in an image region
libby: dates should be iso8601 compatible e.g. 2004-05-21
libby: sorry to be picky...these would improve interop for me though (and other systems using foaf:depicts)
mattb: and time+dates (such as in an:created), preferably, eg 2004-05-21T10:00:05Z
mattb: there's also an un-namespaced element <photocreated>
libby: yep, that'll kill the parser I use ....
libby: so it sorta works with my system
libby: a few pics of the event from my database


w3photo scutterplan


mattb: interesting query language in Sesame

Index Structures and Algorithms for Querying Distributed RDF Repositories

mattb: (PDF)
dajobe: just saw this, looks like good stuff for rdf query optimisiing
nmg: there are some really hard problems in his open issues, of which schema awareness (RDFS inference) and object identity (coreference) are of prime importance

A javascript image annotation tool

libby: doesn't do the cool outline thing like gregs
libby: hopefully shoudl be compatible with all the other tools for w3photo
libby: search interface, lastest pics

The W3C Workshop on Web Applications and Compound Documents

mattb: June 2004, San Jose
mattb: position papers available

karlcow: ""

Device Independent Web by Stephane Boyera

pshab: Interesting to compare wiht slides from WWW in 2000 by Johan Hjelm & Dave Raggett

Newsjunkie: Providing Personalized Newsfeeds via Analysis of Information Novelty

DanC: presentation of the theory went way over my head.
DanC: cf WWW2004 program
WWW2004 community coverage

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