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WWW2004 conference chat 18-22 May 2004 - site - weblog - chat logs

W3Photo - Photographic History of the IW3C2 Conferences

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AKTivePhoto for WWW2004

Chump site for WWW2004

WWW2004 community coverage

What's this?

This web site provides a hub for attendee-generated notes and coverage of the World Wide Web Conference 2004.

The conference is now over. Thanks to all who took part in creating the online coverage, which will remain archived on this site.



Official WWW2004 site
Developer's Day site
WWW2004 on the ESW wiki
W3 Photo and WWW2004 photos
Semantic Web Interest Group scratchpad
Planet RDF

Maintained by Edd Dumbill and Dave Beckett. Chump hosted by XMLhack. Logs hosted by Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol. IRC was provided on Freenode, an interactive chat service of the Peer-Directed Projects Center.

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