November 2nd, 2019, 1-3:30 pm
Varna Community Center, 943 Dryden Road, Ithaca

GeoWhiz is...

  1. Entertaining and educational.
  2. A quiz with questions about geography.
  3. A fundraiser for the Varna Community Association.
  4. All of the above.

This program is made possible in part by a Community Celebrations grant from the Tompkins County Tourism Bureau. We are delighted to have the help of the The History Center in Tompkins County on local questions.

How to Participate

Create a team of up to three people, ages 13 or older. Give your team a name and register online. The team registration fee is $100, whether the team has one, two or three members.

team members at table with sign reading ALBANY
Team TRILOBYTES: Answering a question.

Registration Deadline: October 28th, 2019

Registration fee: $100 per team

Before GeoWhiz, team members work on finding sponsors and collecting donations to be turned in on November 2nd. Teams are encouraged to find sponsors to support them with financial donations. Sponsors can be individuals, groups or businesses. There will be a prize for the team with the most sponsors. There will also be a prize for the team bringing in the most money from sponsors. Studying is good too!

Supporting the Event

Donations in support of GeoWhiz are welcome! For more information, please email

GeoWhiz is a fundraiser that supports all the programs and resources of the Varna Community Association, a 501c3 organization.

The Contest

Teams will be quizzed on the geography of Tompkins County (~20%), New York State (~25%), other US states and territories (~30%) and the rest of the world (~25%).

Questions are based on physical features (rivers, mountains, etc.), political jurisdictions, historical features, or cultural and economic forces that have resulted in changes to the landscape.

On November 2, each team will sit together at a table and may talk quietly. After a question is presented, teams have 40 seconds to confer before time is called and answers are revealed. Questions are leveled, with harder questions worth more points than easier questions. Teams may choose to pass on any question during regular play but not during the elimination round.

Prizes awarded for:

You can get a sense of the questions from the points questions and (harder) elimination questions used at the last event.

Audience members can play along while supporting the teams.

Standing with gift certificates
Team WHEREVER: Elimination round winners!

Sample questions

  1. In what state was the golden spike hammered in to complete the US trans-continental railroad?

  2. What geological features of the local landscape have contributed to a popular bumper sticker slogan for Ithaca?

  3. The Port of NY and NJ is the third busiest port in the US. Which port is busiest?

  4. What is the name of the Central American country formerly known as British Honduras?

Answers below.

GeoWhiz sponsors

Many thanks to our 2018 sponsors:

And many thanks to our 2018 prize donors:

GeoWhiz feedback

Six teams competed in the GeoWhiz pilot event held at the Varna Community Center.

"I am happy that this next GeoWhiz will be even bigger and better. The first quiz was so much fun for both the teams and the audience. Great questions about local and regional geography tested everyone's memory, and sharpened our knowledge about this wonderful place we live in. I am really looking forward to the second edition of this well-organized and enjoyable event." - Michael Lane, Tompkins County Legislator

"Thanks for doing this! It was great!"

"Would come again."

"Harder than expected but very fun."

"...This was a fabulous event, with terrific organization, a well-thought-out plan for the game, a great opportunity for audience participation, and a very good mix of interesting and challenging questions." (David, audience member)

The Varna Community Association

Varna Community Association
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Answers to sample GeoWhiz questions:

  1. Utah

  2. Port of Los Angeles

  3. Gorges

  4. Belize

What were the questions?

standing with book and globe prizes
Team CYLINDER EARTH: Winners, most creative incorrect answer!

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